When Less Is Definitely More In Perfumery

The aim of the game is to get the perfect sent on the skin without either it errupting into a thousand little blisers or for me to come out smelling like a boudoire of the less desirable kind.  So the game plan has always been to sidle up to a perfume counter and make discrete enqiries about this product or that, usually because I haven’t the faintest idea what the perfume is like, or I just like the shape of the bottle and the packaging.  This is no way to go on.  To really get the best out of wearing perfume, there has to be a certain knowledge about it.  The high floral notes or the low base.  It really does help to have more information and to do a little research is no bad thing.

Wering slightly less is always the better option too.  No one likes to be flattened by the ovewhelming gush of perfume.