Taking Care With Bargain Basement Perfumery

Ah the happy sounds of Christmas tills ringing wherever I go at the moment.  I was realy surprised when my local discount supermarket starting bringing ou their presents and family gifts so early this year.  We no sooner had the summer holiday treats stacked along the aisle of randomness in the middle of the store, than the early christmas ideas came out for a short period – filling a gap I guess.  These were replaced by all the halloween stuff, that took u another month, intermingled with fireworks and party food for that.  Suddenly all the decks are cleared and a whole warehouse full of goodies has taken up residence.   Amongst the bizarrely laid out sections are the usual array of toys and books for babies upwards, then the ladies’ stuff – including perfume.  I have to say that knowing how cheap everything else is in the store, I would be frightened to even take the bottle out of the box.  You never know!