Tactics For Freshening Up The Aged Ones

Ahhhh the nightmare of visiting aged relatives who cannot cope in the home any more.  This of course is nothing new and we’ve all had that uncomfortable moment when the less than fresh relative reaches out to have a peck on the cheek . . . .   Now that I’m much older and wiser, I do feel more sympathy towards the more doddery of my vast array of ancient family members.   I have also learned one or two fantastic tricks along the way.  Take something deliciously aromatic – like a small bottle of perfume, eau de cologne or after shave – depending on the one being visited – grandpas and uncles also need assistance in that department too.  If you make a tremendous fuss over them upon your arrival, and spray them lightly with the new scent, they’ll be so busy gushing at the attention you’re giving them, they won’t feel at all slighted.  And you can safely embrace them upon your departure.