Subtle Approach Is Key To Fragrance Success

Keeping to the age old method of making scent as wonderful and confidence building as ever, there are some solid ground rules to be followed.  Knowing the basics will always help to select the nicest and most suitable scent for yourself or for that special person in your life.

Fragance has a beginning, a middle and a definite.  This sounds basic but it works that the  beginning, known as ‘top’ notes are the initial smell that you first notice, usually the lightest, lovely but not long lasting.  Then the middle note hits – usually a floral or spicy note.  Then in comes the base – heavier and richer, like vanilla or sandalwood for example.  The actual aroma doesn’t usually develop fully until a good half hour after the scent has been sprayed onto the skin.  As each person is individual,  knowing how much or how little to spray is a carefully learnt craft but subtle is the watchword.