Spring Perfume Trends

Spring is the perfect time to update your scent, and it is an ideal time to move away from heavy winter fragrances and onto the lighter, less strong fragrances.  We particularly love lightweight floral scents for spring, offering a fresh and sweet smell for longer days.

There are different blends of floral fragrances you can buy, from florals blended with oriental scents for a fresh and invigorating perfume, or perhaps a floral fruity scent which offers a juicy and exciting scent!  There are lots of different perfume mixes to choose from, and finding one which sits well on your skin is the best thing to do at this time of year.  Eau de toilettes offer a lighter fragrance which is less likely to irritate the skin as the weather warms up.

Spring means a new beginning so why not have a new fragrance to brighten up your days?