Saddened By Waning Sense Of Smell

A rather strange thing happened a few weeks ago in that a very ancient relative mentioned she couldn’t smell perfumes like she used to – one of her pleasures in life was to select one of the many cartons, carefully remove the bottle and attach the appropriate atomizer and apply.  This had always been in her morning routine and she saw no reason to alter it now she was 95!

It seemed baffling until one of the grand daughters read an article about certain senses become gradually weaker at the same time another major sense might be waning.  This was it – the poor old stick only ever had 20% hearing in one ear from a difficult childbirth related incident in 1953.  Now that her hearing had gone completely over the last year, that article seemed to make sense.  At least she could still smell nice for visitors and the care staff is sadly not for herself!