Perfume Losing The Battle Against Mother Nature

I have the unenviable task of visiting a frail grandmotherly old soul.  Not a member of my own family, but in lacking any obvious relatives, has been taken under our wing.  For the first few weeks of calling in to see her at the same care home where our relative lives in, they were best friends and it made visiting much easier.  Sadly the advancement of dementia in both has resulted in a familiar pattern of like / dislike / phobia and paranoia about nothing and everything.  The visits are getting briefer as it is hard work and wearing on the patience!

The other problem is the odour in the rooms – inevitable however much 24/7 care is available.  The need for pretty scent that can combat much natural odour is overwhelming.  It’s a pity that the ladies do not recognise their problem as it does mean the gorgeous perfumes they both own are somewhat drowned by other aromas!