Paris In The Fall Remembered With YSL

We have such an easy deal when it comes to getting any shopping items these days.  At once time we would have to save up a month’s salary to get even a small bottle of our favourite perfume, and even then, it would probably have to come in by duty free methods.  There were perfumery stores in London and the major cities like Manchester, Birmingham or Leeds for example.  I remember my mother being asked what perfume she would like when her boss was going on one of his overseas sales trips – she had no idea what to ask for; perfume was for posh ladies!  Her boss, realising her embarrassment suggested he ask his wife to get Mum a nice surprise. Very diplomatic and a great idea.  We had a lovely bottle of Yves St. Laurent’s Paris which my sisters and I thought was extremely exotic – we felt really posh just holding the box!