Over Blown Matrons And The Cute Male Colleague

One of my male work colleagues was extremely fussy about his skin and hair.  The phrase ‘look, but don’t touch’ screamed down without a word actually being uttered. We used to tease him a little because he was so fussy that it made it rather embarrassing when visitors came to the office – he would be preening himself so intently in the lift mirror that he sometimes had to be prodded to remind him to leave the lift with said visitors!

By the same token, he was always exsquisitely presented, clothes and appearance wise.  He also smelled divine.  This is not something  not something you could say about many other male colleagues.  I loved going down the town with him whenever he wanted a second opinion on any new after shave or perfumery products – and he bought many.  It was also fun watching the over made up matrons behind the counters all fawning over the lad.  Ah happy days indeed!