Not A Whimp In Sight On Scent Adverts Of Old

Some chums and I were happily chit chatting about adverts from our youth.  Yes, here were indeed adverts all the way back then.  Not as many and certainly not at the level of mind bending repetitiveness as we have today.  I don’t watch much commercial tv – I prefer to watch on catch up without the ads.  I ca concentrate on the programme I want to see and not be intimidated into thinking I’m doing it all wrong by not buying this product or that.  We were laughing out loud about one or two of the corny adverts.  One particular aftershave – ‘for the man who doesn’t have to try too hard’ as an out of shot female finger slips undone the top 3 buttons of the male shirt.   Plenty was left to the imagination – lots of saucy bikini shots for the girls and the boys were all rugged, playing rugby or motor biking.  No whimps on this parade!