Nature’s Prolific Perfume Production

Just now the garden near me is buzzing with insect life – all madly flying from bloom to bloom collecting that oh so precious nectar.  There are all sorts of flying things – not all bees.  The waft of perfume from the roses is particularly strong this summer.  There really is a most romantic and sensuous aroma from the old fashioned rosese this year and all my neighbours and gardening pals have said the same.  It is really pleasing for me particularly as the winter was extremely harsh and having the most awful thick claggy clay garden, I could see the damage that my lovely roses and shrubs had sustained.   As a precaution against total wash out, when the garden had been waterlogged for weeks and weeks, I got in several bag loads of organic soil improver – hoping that it would boost the surviving bushes around. Mother Nature rarely lets us down where blooms and perfumes are concerned.