Memories Of Hearthrob After Shave Ads

Oh how I have revelled in the appearance of a very much favoured male actor back on my tv of late.  On the many catch up channels, he has featured in a couple of dramas and I have so enjoyed rekindling my hardly disguised lust and longing for this tall, very slender dark haired adonis!  I can almost smell the musky after shave that I’m sure he  used to advertise, or someone nearly as gorgeous.  It’s not a product I hae much hand on these days, none of my best friends use it either but I do remember the adverts on tv.  Always using rugged, Bond type characters, doing all sorts of amazing feats of danger and pursuit, surviving all kinds of mishaps and chaos, and all because the lady loves this perfume or that.  Or the lady loves him only when he’s wearing that particular after shave.   The brutish charm remains, as does not having to try too hard.  To excite, of course.