Knowing Your Notes For Choosing Scent

Choosing scent is a very difficult and complex task for a lot of people.  My sister was never confident about wearing any until she reached well into adulthood.  The fear of wearing too much or the wrong type stayed with her from one incident at school disco when she had apparently been a tad heavy handed with one of our mum’s meagre collection – an old one too.  The spiteful commencts from a few ‘friends’ made her very wary of using it ever again.  Strange how the fall out from a silly school girl mistake can affect someone!

Anyway having since boned up on the subject she feels much happer choosing and wearing scent these days.  I know watching her from chat to the very grogeously made up ladies on the perfume counters that they offer a wealth of knowledge about the different high, middle and base notes that make up a scent.  All noted, as it were.