From Milk Shakes To Perfume Production

Whilst I was away on my annual holidays staying with a really good pal, she organised a completely different itinerary for me.  This year we were going to see how local perfumes are made, visiting local herb gardens and seeing how the flower farms are cultivated.  .  Usually it’s a case of just lazing by her swimming pool and popping to one or two local villages to look over the charity shops or take in a calorie laden milk shake or two.   This variance to our usual schedule was breath taking and a fabulous treat for the nose.  I was amazed how many different aromas can be extracted from the combinations of herbs and petals.  I have always loed the heady scent of rose petals – I find myself lingering longer in the rose bed area of local nurseries for that ery reason.  In a perfume making scenario it takes on an even greater relevance.