Floral Highs & Lows Make Fragrant Notes

Now that the luscious warm weather is heading our way, we have waved goodbye to winter and all the streaming colds and coughs that get in the way of a jolly good time.    Spring is literally just around the corner and we feel luxuriously pepped up and ready for the fun, fun, fun that summer in the sun.  The change in seasons does have quite a dramatic effect on how our skin reacts to scent and perfumed body products.  There can be days when our skin feels really dry, it can be a tad itchy and that lovely smooth feeling just seems to disappear for a while.  This is when we need to really take care not to let the drying winds get a hold.  Pamper the skin a little more so the lovely floral high notes have a chance to make themselves noticeable.  The precise method of perfume extraction are a true science