Favourite Scent Smells So Different On Other People

There has been quite a lot of change in the way we buy fragrances for the home and for our own personal use in recent years.  At once time the only way of getting our hands on those wonderfully exotic names was to take our chance at the heavily accented counter in the nearest high end department store.  A very fragrant and overly made up matron would pounce on us as soon as we stepped inside.  I never wanted whatever they were sporting.  Perfume is a very individual matter.  What smells sweet and floral on one person will very rarely smell the same on another.   Our own natural skin exudes oils and of course, sweat.  Any aroma is likely to change when sprayed on different skin.  I do have a couple of real favourites – I’ve got the bottles still in their cardboard casings, but I suspect there is nothing fluid left in any of them by now.