Extra Care In Extreme Heat To Retain Sanity

In this amazingly hot summer we’re surprised and almost delighted to be experiencing, there are things we have to remember to do to keep healthy and sane.  Smelling clean and sweet is a priority – especially when we’re very hot.   Having a very quick shower is just as effective as a long one – it is all that’s needed to freshen the body and soul and won’t use up too much water each time.  A nicely perfumed anti perspirant lifts the spirit and generally lasts all day, despite the ‘glow’ factor.  Taking care with our choice of perfume or after shave is also a good idea when it’s extremely hot.  The scent changes on our skin, particularly when we get hot and sweat – the chemcial composition alters and can be a tad too powerful.  And remembering to drink plenty of fluid.  Plain tap water is ideal.  Refreshes every part of you for almost no cost.