Exotic Samples Like Rabbits From A Hat

Oh how I recall so vividly the happy days from my youth when I’d be allowed to invite some pals back to our house for a really noisy boisterous girly afternoon.  This did not happen very often as we lived miles away from our school area and they all lived near to each other.    Anyway, we used to have grown up make up and hair wash sessions, trying out my mum’s latest foundation or lippy and doing each other’s hair in exotic designs.  We usually looked a fright but it was great fun.  The perfume bit was best – mum worked up in the City and used to visit some of the really huge department stores along Oxford and Bond streets.  We had all kinds of sample to try out.  It was magical.  I can still remember instantly the smell of the office hand bag from which would be pulled one delight after another!