Brits Abroad Can Get Beauty & Perfumery Goods

When I was out in cyprus last year for my annual break, staying with a good chum, we had a run in with another of hers.  This  biddy has been out there for nearly 30 years and has acquired the all too familiar build and mannerisms of a typical ‘brit abroad’.  I’m really not sure what happens to some of the folk that leave our apparently cold and uninteresting shores and pitch up in the sunnier climes.   They don’t wear skin creams or sun protection and only wear perfume on rare occasions.  So womanhood not prettily represented.  I know there are limitations on what you can bring in when abroad.  Perfumery products are now definitely one of them.  But there are ways and means.  My chum uses a shipping agent who regularly brings containers of goods from Herfordshire to cyprus and takes containers back.  No excuse for not having gorgeous perfumes online then.