Perfumiers Choosing Wild Moors & Garden Scents

When you want to buy your sister or mum a really different present for a change and you’re faced with the same old same old . . .  having a look online at the newer perfumery companies can be a real boon.   I happened to be glancing at one of the inserts from a big name Sunday paper and at this time of year, it’s all Christmas fayre.   There definitely seems to be a Scottish theme amongst many of the main perfumery products advertised this year.  a bespoke conllection from one brand – more noteably connected with rain attire – offers their wild thistle combo, with hints at green geranium leaf and rose.  Another blend incorporating wild nature with eveloping floral scent boasts green gardenia leaf, lily, tuberrose and musky base notes.  So this year’s scent filled Christmas is definitely going to have a distincly organic garden feel about it.